About Lucky Girl

It was a cold winter‘s night and once again I found myself sleepless. My usual remedy was a hot bath and sometimes a glass of wine to unwind. As an Esthetician, I was always curious about product ingredients. So as I was relaxing, I read the label of what I was actually soaking in. I was dumbfounded that what I thought to be a reputable company actually used over two-thirds of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in their product. This really disturbed me. I instantly jumped out of the bath. It was at that moment that I decided I was going to make something better and the mad scientist in me began.

As an Esthetician, I knew what ingredients are good for you and which ones are not but I had no idea how to formulate products. I did my research and began taking classes. It was not just one or two, but many trips to California to learn this new skill. I just had it in my head that I needed to create something that had benefits for your skin without all of those toxic chemicals. I met amazing women from around the world in my classes that shared the same curiosity that I did. What I really enjoyed was the journey. The people you meet and what you learn is the best part of getting where you want to be. There is something refreshing about spending time with like-minded people who share the same passion as you do.

After learning my new skill I stayed up many late nights creating concoctions and experimenting with aromatherapy scents. I started making beauty products as a hobby but it soon became a part-time job because I enjoyed the products so much that I started giving them to family and friends. I couldn’t just give them a nameless product so Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty was born. Now I had a fun and good for you product that I knew was safe to use and that I could recommend to family and friends.

My product line started with just bath bombs and grew to lotions, aromatherapy potions, natural perfumes, sugar scrubs, shower gels, soaps and more. My next project is to create more products with a purpose. I have a new Wake Up Call Energizing Mist, Don’t Bug Me Spray and After The Bite Healing Remedy. I am currently doing research on a natural product for eczema and psoriasis; everything I have seen at the drug store has terrible ingredients for this condition.

I have been asked many times why I choose the name and ever so bluntly what’s with that “cutsie” girl in the tub by some. Well, that girl in the tub is me, ever so happy to be bathing in a product that is safe and good for your skin. And the name came from my Feng Shui background. I believe some are naturally lucky but others have to work at it. I think really if you think you are lucky you will be, but if you don’t create a positive environment and set good intentions for yourself your luck will pass you by.

I offer “Invent Your Scent” perfume classes that you can create from over 100 fragrances and Lucky Girl Spa Parties. Parties are customized to the event such as a birthday, bachelorette party or just a fun girl’s night get together. You can book that with me by emailing me at christytrala5@gmail.com

Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty can be purchased at these locations:

Restaurants: Lobster Shanty, Nantuckets, The Reel Inn, Anti Pasti, Ruth Chris

Salon & Spa: Ocean Elements,The Boulevard, Bliss and Salon Sixteen

Gift Shops: Copy Central, Clarion Hotel and Coastal Roast Coffee

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and helped me to make my dream a reality. I am a Lucky Girl!